PLUS! On the same fun-filled show:

BETH LAPIDES - no relation to our own Howard Lapides - The never acerbically challenged Beth Lapides from the long running "UnCabaret"
attempted to change Matt's view toward vegans with no luck!! Beth is the Creatrix, Host and Executive Producer of UnCabaret, a long running, critically acclaimed show which, in addition to its decades long Sunday night run, has been produced for Amazon, Comedy Central, audible and Comedy World Radio.


"SHOCKING NEWS: MAGIC MATT mentioned in a book!"

On the last Outlaw Radio, it was a top AND bottom day!  First off, Magic Matt learned he was mentioned in a book, and it wasn’t one from the phone company!  It seems one of his former (albeit brief) cohorts from a RADIO STATION in NYC, Michelle Visage, singer from the group Seduction, former VH-1 VJ and actress (that’s in debate) decided to put the literary pen into matt’s balloon, ego and manhood.  It seems she remembers Matt as a Misogynist and that she “topped him from the bottom.”  (Yes,  she said that.)   

Not to be outdone, brother Marty (yes MAR-TEE) then decided he wanted higher billing on the Demons of Decadence list right here on this website.  It was a hot topic and the subject of conversation that went on for hours. Entertainment knows no bounds. 

That night, a team of specialists worked around the clock to make sure Marty got his proper place on top and we’re all bottoming out!

So there you have it – from the top to the very bottom from  last weeks show. 

DUKE VALENTI visits and Lori Downey Jr sees him for the first time since she was 21

Duke Valenti does Security. He's both a body guard to stars and an actor with an impressive resume that includes Blue Bloods, Law and Order, and The Sopranos. He's also an amazing story teller and knew Lori when she was in her late teens. Seeing him for the first time since she was 21, we all learned what happened when he saw her for the last time. It involved mafia investigations, Lori being subpoenaed to testify, dangerous people neither of them really knew, and undercover operations. It was riveting. 

On the same show, movie star Sean Young visited, Matt brought up something she asked him not to talk about, and she left three minutes later and never came back.

"Political Correctness has even FORCED itself into the Porn Industry"

If case you missed it, on the last Outlaw Radio:  "Yup, Frank went there..."   Before the show, he sent Matt a simple story about "boy meets.... didgeridoo."   Then WE ALL went there... 
Apparently a gay porn company is getting heat because of their "prop" usage of an actual Australian Aboriginal Didgeridoo in a gay sex scene.  We WON'T say exactly what occurred in the flick, but IN THE END, the guys had to come up with a variety of  'clean' terms to describe what happened.  The porn company is now under attack by the politically incorrect police and been called "racist and incredibly disrespectful to the Australian Aboriginal communities." A vocal minority of Australians are OFFENDED.
The good news is, it's guaranteed to win an Adult Video News Award for "Best use of a musical indigenous wind instrument in a male erotica scene."  
Bet you never thought you would ever hear the phrase "Didgeridoo and gay porn" in the same sentence, UNLESS you are listening to Magic Matt and the Demons of Decadence on OUTLAW RADIO!

Harvey korman's best friend.
Ol' Duke Slater of Gomer Pyle: USMC
The Great Ronnie Schell and his son Gregory

He appeared on May 28, 1959, episode of the TV quiz program You Bet Your Life, hosted by Groucho Marx. Schell demonstrated a comic barrage of beatnik jive talk.

His television credits include The Andy Griffith Show, The Patty Duke Show , Phil of the Future, Yes, Dear, The Wayans Bros., Step by Step, Coach, The Golden Girls, 227, Saved by the Bell, Empty Nest, Mr. Belvedere, Santa Barbara, Trapper John, M.D., Too Close for Comfort, The Brian Keith Show, The Love Boat, Love American Style, Alice, Mork & Mindy, One Day at a Time, Charlie's Angels, The Dukes of Hazzard, Sanford and Son, Emergency!, Happy Days, Adam-12, The New Dick Van Dyke Show, That Girl, Black Sheep Squadron, M*A*S*H, and Jessie, which aired on the Disney Channel.

Schell's gradual ascendency into the public's attention earned him the title "America's Slowest Rising Comedian"

He's 85 years old and more amazing and funnier than ever. 

MARTY ALLEN - A most humble, incredibly gracious 95 year old comedic Icon took to the airwaves of Outlaw, When Matt thanked the living half of the comedy team of Allen and Rossi for his gallant service in WW2 (where he earned a Soldiers medal for bravery and a full dress parade). Marty was apparently choked up and said that not a day goes by that he doesn't think of his time defending this great Country. Marty went on to invite Matt to his 96th Birthday bash in Las Vegas in March!!
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