More Demons and Guest Stars of Outlaw Radio

Magic Matt Alan - Not Gay, - legendary entertainment host, radio mime, and Professional Prestidigitator.

Howard Lapides - Not Gay - Show Biz manager, TV and Movie producer, man about town.

Marty Sherer - Not Gay - a gifted musician, Rock and Roll lead singer, brother of Matt, possible genius.
Frank Hagan - Hollywood producer, writer, knower of all things, and fashion icon.
Lori Downey Jr - Not Gay - Outlaw Radio producer, thespian, Widow of Morton Downey Jr.
Mark "CG" Boyer - Straight? - poker master? enigmatic, mysterious background!

Chris Brown - not gay - Outlaw Radio Consigliere

Shadoe Stevens - Not gay - artist, producer, writer, voice, mental contortionist  - created Outlaw       branding, logo, website, promos, and I.D.s.

It's outrageous.  It's hilarious.  It's edgy. It's biting.  It's provocative and unsettling, unusual and better than ordinary.  It's Magic Matt Alan, Howard Lapides, and the Demons of Decadence. It's the one and only OUTLAW RADIO!

Every Saturday at 3 PM PST, esteemed radio host Magic Matt Alan gathers in the legendary Lighten Up Lounge, accompanied by his famed Demons of Decadence.  There, in the 1876 Virginia City, Nevada-style bar, in the hills of Encino, California, a rapacious evening of smoking, drinking, and interrupting commences!  From celebrities to cigars, anything can happen on the program... and usually does!

Tune in any Saturday, and we'll be there live.  Or, you can listen anytime, 24/7, to previous shows.  Take us with you wherever you go on your iPhone, or listen to us at work, wherever, whenever.  And be sure to explore this site for extra treats like downloadable shows, pictures, videos, and more. 

Elya Baskin (Name of the Rose, Airforce One, Spiderman 2 and 3 etc.). Richard Tyson (Blackhawk Down, Two Moon Junction, Something about Mary, Three O Clock High etc). Ted White (Stuntman and every great western). the late Don Woldman (World's greatest Divorce Attorney). Kip Addotta, Prescott Niles (Bass player THE KNACK) etc.

Here is a list of some other guest's who've been to the ol' Lighten Up Lounge (some regular, some semi regular)

Ryan Stiles, Pierre Salinger, Lou Diamond Phillips, Dom Deluise, Rudy Giuliani, ZZ Top, Chi Macbride, Rick James, Judd Nelson, Lee Iacocca, Bob Saget, Merv Griffin, Larry Miller, Burt Reynolds, Stella Stevens, Anna Nicole Smith, Sugar Ray Leonard, Stiller and Meara, Brian Dennehy, Shelley Berman, Charlene Tilton, Michael Madsen, Don Woldman, David Faustino, Milton Berle, Danny Baldwin, Rodney Allen Rippey, Meatloaf, Seymour Cassell, Al Goldstein, Grizzly Adams, Dr. Bombay, Joe Romersa, Rick Dees, Kip Addotta, Jay Thomas, Joe Bologna, Eddie Griffin, Sam Simon, Richard Tyson, Larry Miller, Councilman Dennis Zine, Fred "The Hammer" Williams, The Knack, Jimmy the Printer, Sean Young, Robert Hays, Marty Sherer, George "The Wineguy", Robert Davi, Barry "Greg Brady" Williams, Jeff Conaway, Lori Downey Jr., Big Frank D'Amico, Patrick Albanese, Burl Barer, Phil Hartman, Elya Baskin, Julie Strain, Andrew Gold, Marty Ingells, Dick Shawn's Son, Mr. Karlin, Bruce Malemodel, Fred Travalena, Joel Murray, sexy babes, and the ubiquitous Michael Hirshenson, Danny Seraphine

Magic Matt and the Demons of Decadence