Don't miss one of the greatest guests of all time this Saturday. (No, not Rosie O'donnell) even better)

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Magic Matt Alan  & the Demons of Decadence

David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Keith Emerson, Prince, George Martin and Lemmy Kilmister have left the building. We treasure their creative energy and inspiration. 

It's outrageous.  It's hilarious.  It's edgy, it's biting.  It's provocative and political, unusual and astounding.  It's the one and only OUTLAW RADIO!

Every Saturday at 3 PM PST, esteemed radio host Magic Matt Alan gathers in the legendary Lighten Up Lounge, accompanied by his famed Demons of Decadence.  There, in the 1876 Virginia City, Nevada-style bar, in the hills of Encino, California, a rapacious evening of smoking, drinking, and interrupting commences!  From celebrities to cigars, anything can happen on the program... and usually does!

Tune in any Saturday, and we'll be there live.  Or, you can listen any time, 24/7, to previous shows.  Take us with you wherever you go on your iPhone, or listen to us at work, wherever, whenever.  And be sure to explore this site for extra treats like downloadable shows, pictures, videos, and more.